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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well, I had my first Non-Stress Test yesterday, and I'm happy to report that the baby is doing just fine. I had my doctor's appointment on Monday & he saw the results of my last ultrasound, which said my fluid level is still low, so he said I need to go in every week for a non-stress test, maybe even more frequently if they find a problem. He said that the fluid level normally goes down the last few weeks of pregnancy anyway, so he was worried since I am already starting at a low level. I was a little nervous about it, but everything turned out OK. I have to go into the labor & delivery section of the hospital for the test. They first do an ultrasound to check the fluid was still low, but it hadn't gotten any lower since my last ultrasound, so that's good. Then they monitored the baby's heartbeat for 20 to 25 minutes just to make sure that it goes up like it's supposed to when she moves, and that it goes back down when she's resting. Anyway, the nurse said everything looked good, except for the fluid level, so she reminded me again that I need to lay down as much as I can. She said the placenta works better when you're laying down. Interesting. So I have another non-stress test next Tuesday, and will continue to have one every week until I have the baby. It was kind of funny, but when they put the baby heart monitor on they had to strap it on pretty tight because she kept moving around, and she did not like it at all. She kept kicking at it, and at one point she pushed so hard on it that it moved 2 or 3 inches. It just made me laugh, but she does not like it when they do ultrasounds or when people push on my stomach. I think we're going to have a stubborn little girl on our hands. Ha ha.

Well, we have our first Lamaze class tonight at the hospital. I'm so excited, but it also makes me realize how close I am getting to actually having the baby. It is such a strange a few weeks I will have a baby, no more alien kicking around in my stomach. Ha ha. It's just such a huge concept to try to wrap your mind around. I'm sure all you mothers know what I'm talking about. The more I think about it, the more excited, and the more nervous I get. It's such a huge thing, I'm just glad I have such a great husband who will take care of everything. =0) He really is the best!!

I have my work baby shower tomorrow night, and I'm really excited for that too. It will help me calm down a little bit to actually have more things for the baby. I'm excited to see everyone, and to see what cute things they bought too. I think it's so much more fun shopping for little girls than little boys. The crib & changing table that Matt's parents bought for us got delivered yesterday. I can't wait until they're actually assembled & in the baby's room. Unfortunately I still have to wait for Matt to finish painting the baby's room before we can do that. Hopefully he'll get it done soon. I feel bad for him sometimes, there's so much to do around the house, and I can't help him do any of it. I know he feels really overwhelmed sometimes, but it is all SLOWLY getting done, and he's a good sport about all of it. I'm hoping our countertops are still going to be installed on Friday. Matt was going to call them to double check, but I haven't heard from him yet. If not, they said they'll install them early next week. I'm so excited for that, I know I keep talking about it, but it's so exciting, especially since it's free!! Whoo-hoo!! OK, so now I'm just rambling, so I'll stop before you all get REALLY bored, although it may be too late. Have a great day, everybody!!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Well, I finally broke down & decided my blog needed to be as cute as all of my other friends' blogs. I always give in to peer pressure. Ha ha. I still feel that my blog isn't quite as interesting because I still can't find the cable for our camera, but once I find it....look out, there's going to be an attack of pictures, so many pictures you'll never want to look at a picture again. OK, maybe not that many, but there will be a lot.

Halloween was so much fun! I dressed up as Juno. I couldn't really think of anything else that I could be while I was pregnant, plus it was easy, I basically just had to wear a hoodie & I was good. Ha ha. We did get a lot of trick-or-treaters, which we were very excited about. I think my favorite was a group of young men that came. Two of them were in their soccer uniforms, but the other one wasn't dressed up at all so we asked him what he was supposed to be and he responded, "I'm sexy." I was laughing so hard, and Matt said, "Well, I guess we can't argue with that." and gave him some candy. It was hilarious. I still haven't cleaned up all of the Halloween stuff yet, but I figure I still have a few more weeks until Thanksgiving.

Evolution Marble came this morning to measure everything for our new countertops, then we went to their showroom & picked out our new sink & faucet. They said they should be able to install everything next Friday, which would be perfect because my baby shower is on the 15th at my house, and I could show off my new countertops. So hopefully they'll be able to install everything then. If not, they said it would definitely be installed by Tuesday the 18th.

Which brings me to my next point, you're all welcome to come to my baby shower. It's on the 15th at 12:00 at my new house. E-mail me if you need directions. My sisters said they sent out the invitations already, so hopefully everyone should be getting them soon. I'm sorry if I forgot know my memory isn't very good since I've gotten pregnant, but you're all definitely welcome.

Everything else is going well. I am slowly but surely getting my house put together, it's hard since I'm supposed to rest when I get home. Oh well, it will all get done eventually. I start my lamaze class next week, and I'm really excited for that. I've decided to have an "all natural" birth so the lamaze class will help A LOT...I hope. Matt thinks it's kind of funny because we're going to be like all the couples on TV & in movies, going to the lamaze class & learning breathing techniques. Ha ha. I also want to take a hypnobirthing class sometime, so if anyone knows of a place where I can do that, please let me know.

I guess that's it for now. Have a good day, everyone, and hopefully I'll find the camera cable soon. =0)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

We're getting FREE granite countertops!!

It's true, and I'm so excited!! There is a new place opening in Orem, Evolution Marble, they had a grand opening event on Saturday & we entered to win new granite countertops. They called us later that night & told us we won. It's crazy!! They're going to be installed before Thanksgiving. We just need to pick out the color & finishes and they'll get it all taken care of. I was afraid they were going to say certain things weren't included, but they said it includes everything....tearing out the old countertops, installing the new ones, the backsplash, a new sink & new faucet. It's going to look so nice!! Yeah!! Anyway, that's the exciting news for now. Oh, we also got a new medicine cabinet & new hardware for the bathroom cupboards. We also got a million bulbs to plant so we can have lots & lots of flowers in the spring. The only bad thing about all the things that need to be done around the house is that I'm supposed to be resting as much as I can since my amniotic fluid level is still low, but I do a little at a time, so EVENTUALLY it will all be done....I hope. Ha ha.

I really like our new ward & our new neighbors. Everyone is really nice & friendly. Matt & I have been called to be on the activities committee. Our first big activity is the "Soup & Scoop" next week. I don't think we need to do much except show up, so that's good. A member of the bishopric came over tonight to ask us to speak in church on Sunday.....I guess that's a good thing. I don't know, I guess it's ok, but we JUST spoke in our old ward. Oh well, I don't mind it too much, I guess. I know Matt doesn't like it, but he'll survive. At least they gave us a really specific topic, that always makes it easier. We both got General Conference talks to talk on. Maybe I'll just read the whole talk. Ha ha. Another good thing about our neighborhood is we get a lot of trick-or-treaters, and we're really excited about that too. In our apartment on Center Street we didn't get any the first year, and we got 3 the next year. Last year in our Carterville Road apartment we got 8 or 9, but all the neighbors say we get A LOT, so we are really excited. We both love trick-or-treaters, they're SO cute!! I've already started stocking up on candy, and we decorated our front door & yard a little. I've got blood dripping in the windows, spider webs with lots of spiders, a cute Dracula in the yard and ghosts hanging in the tree. I just need to hang our big spider in the tree & carve a pumpkin sometime this week, and it will be complete. We also got a spooky light/noise maker that we'll put out on Halloween. Hopefully it won't scare the kids away. =0) Well, I was going to post pictures of the front door & what not, but we don't know where we packed the camera cable thingy, so it will have to wait a few days.

In other news the ultrasound tech checked again when she was checking the fluid level & said that unless it is doing a crazy good hiding job, we are having a girl. So I think Matt & his mom are finally convinced. =0) Matt even let me pick out pink paint for the baby's room. Just one more thing to add to the long list of things to do around the house, but at least we have a couple more months before that absolutely HAS to be done.

I suppose that's it for now. Have a good week everyone, and I'll post pictures as soon as we find the cable.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Well, my doctor's appointment on the 30th went really well. I love my new doctor!! He's so great, and very informative. Such a change from my old doctor. He said my fluid level seems fine, and I definitely noticed a difference once I started drinking more water. The baby is just all over the place now, instead of stuck in one position. It's a weird feeling, but fun. They're going to do a follow-up ultrasound next Tuesday just to check the fluid level, but I'm going to pester the poor woman into looking to make sure it's a girl again. =0) She's going to be sick of me by the end of my pregnancy, I think. In the meantime, I have ventured out to buy some girl things. My friend had a "bow" party and I bought a million cute hair things & headbands. Matt thinks they're a little over the top, but I love them. I bought huge daisies & flowers, and a big bow. They can all be worn on a headband until the baby has enough hair to wear them as barrettes. Maybe I'll add a picture of them later. I also bought some cute clothes at Old Navy & Babies R Us. It's so fun shopping for girl things, I just hope I don't get carried away. I did keep the receipts for everything in a safe place just in case they say it's a boy at our next appointment. Ha ha. You never know. Matt and I set up our registry at Babies R Us last night. It took a lot longer than I thought, there are a MILLION things you need for a baby!! We didn't get a chance to finish because I had to go play BUNCO, so hopefully we'll finish tonight. We're also going to register at Target, so maybe we'll get that done this weekend sometime. Although it is Homecoming weekend, so we'll see if we have time. Come to think of it, I haven't heard a word from any of my sisters about having a baby shower. Would it be weird to throw my own baby shower? Probably. Perhaps I should drop some hints soon. =0) I can't believe there's only 13 weeks until my due date. That may sound like a long time, but it's really not. I'm already 26 weeks along, which means I'm 2/3 of the way done already. The time has just flown by!!! Wow! I really need to start getting basics for the baby. All I have are hair accessories & clothes. Ha ha. Well, she'll look great until she poops in her pants because she has no diapers.

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's A Girl!!!!

OK, so we have been trying forever to find out what we're having, and it turned into a big mess, but now we are 95% sure we are having a girl. My doctor checked twice, but could never see anything, his ultrasound machine wasn't very strong, plus the baby would cross its legs most of the time. So then we went to the mall last Friday. The girl was new and still couldn't see anything. She also said she thought there might be twins in there!! Talk about stress!!! So we went back again on Saturday to see if the baby had moved, and it had so she could see its little bum. She thought it was a boy, I showed some other people the ultrasound pictures & they also thought it was a boy. We were still freaked out because she still wasn't sure if we were having twins or not, so we set up an appointment with an ultrasound specialist for Thursday. We went in and in the first 10 seconds she said we are definitely not having twins. Then she said it was a boy....but upon further investigation, she decided it was just the umbilical cord everyone kept seeing between the legs because she could not find any "real" proof of a boy, other than a glimpse of something between the legs when you look from the bottom, but from the top there was, she changed her mind & said it was definitely a girl. I'm still a little skeptical, but she said she's sure, and she actually knows what she's doing, so that's why I say we're 95% sure it's a girl. Whew!! I'm so glad that we are not having fun as that might have been, I think I might have had a mental breakdown. I'm also glad we're having a girl, not that I really cared either way, but I could not decide on a boy's name to save my life. The ultrasound tech also said my amniotic fluid level is really low, so now I've been drinking water like crazy, and have been taking it really easy, not that I was really doing that much before. She said if the fluid level doesn't go up the doctor will probably put me on bed rest, and I definitely cannot have that, so I am drinking water like a crazy woman & I will be laying down as soon as I get home from work. It's hard since we still have a million boxes to unpack, and the dishes & laundry are piling up, but I cannot be put on bed rest. Anyway, I also switched doctors. I've been going to Dr. Broadbent since I was 19, and he's great as a gynecologist, but I don't like him as much as an obstetrician. So I have my first appointment with Dr. Glenn on Tuesday, and I'm very excited for a new doctor who will actually take time to discuss things with me, and to do a more thorough check up on my baby. Hopefully my fluid level will have gone up enough by then that he won't have to put me on bed rest. I hope, I hope, I hope. =0) Other than that, there's not much else going on. We got all moved into our new house, we just haven't unpacked everything yet. Our DirecTV got hooked up on Wednesday, so I was able to watch ANTM & Ghost Hunters, which is very important. More importantly I was able to watch football last night!! We watched Oregon State beat USC. I was hoping it might be a complete shut out, but they couldn't hold on through the second half, oh well, it was still a good game. Have a great weekend, everyone!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lanna probably does not have time to update this, so, this is Matt's update. *This update in no way reflects the views of Lanna and any copying or dissemination of these contents without Lanna's express written consent is prohibited. There, now that the legal stuff is out of the way; We have officially moved into our new house. All it took was scraping all the ceilings, retexturing them, priming the entire house, 2 coats of paint, painting all the wood trim and doors, putting up all new light fixtures and ceiling fans, clean up, move all our stuff in, and clean the old place. Come to think of it, last week pretty much sucked. Now we are in the process of unpacking each room and living out of boxes until that is done. We then have some bathroom repairs to do. This whole owning a house thing seems like a lot of work. We seem to have good neighbors, they have all been very nice to us so far.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us with the aforementioned work, particularly Lanna's family. We sure appreciate everything they did for us. We would like to especially thank Kimri, who saved our bacon. She put in so many hours on our new house, with painting and prep work, we don't know what we would have done without her. I think we bit off more than we knew and she really saved us. A special thanks to Milo who guarded our most prized possession, our flat screen TV. He drove it in the mini van so slowly, he was likely mistaken for an illegal immigrant (sorry, "undocumented worker") trying not to get pulled over or a housewife yelling at her 6 kids in the back (sorry again, "home maker" or "domestic engineer".) Those who did not participate, you missed an impressive fireworks display when Jimmy was installing one of our light fixtures and crossed some wires or something. Maybe one day we will post some photos of the house, once it is organized.

One last thing Lanna wanted me to add:
Go Penn State!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

This is so funny!!! Have a good Labor Day weekend, everyone!!

I love the previous post!!! My husband is a nerd, a very sexy nerd, apparently. Ha ha. Anyway, he wrote the previous post, and I think it's hilarious. It's true, we did close on our house & will start work hopefully on Monday to get rid of the ugly popcorn, sparkly ceilings & we will re-paint to get rid of some hideous color choices. So, if you have nothing to do on Labor Day, come on over, you can look at our new house & get a good work out. =0)

In other news, my friend Rocio had her baby on Monday. We thought she was only 28 weeks along, so it was a scary time, but everything worked out great. He was 3 pounds, 15 inches long. They think he was closer to 31, 32 weeks, so he will only have to stay in the NICU for 6 weeks, which is great!! He's breathing on his own, doesn't have any problems so far, and he is so cute!!! He has a ton of hair, and really long legs & toes. They named him Publio, after her dad. He was so excited. Rocio was able to come home on Wednesday, and she's doing great too. We'll have to speed up the process on her baby shower, but we're all glad everything worked out so well. Modern medicine is a great thing!!
Hi everybody. I wanted everyone to know we closed on our house yesterday so we should be free to move in at the beginning of the month but will probably wait a week so we can paint and fix some things in the new house.

On a side note, I wanted to let everyone know that I have the sexiest husband in the world. He is humble about it and wouldn't admit it, but it's true. I have never met a man before that made me feel so overwhelmed by his mere presence and when he looks at me, I melt inside and can't control myself. Oh well, what is a woman to do, I mean really, I'm only human.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I have very sad news for you all today. LeRoi Moore, the saxophone player for Dave Matthews Band died yesterday. He wasn't the most oustpoken member of the band, but he was very talented & will be missed. His death will not affect the summer tour, since he has been injured since June. Jeff Coffin from Bela Fleck & the Flecktones has been filling in since his injury & will continue for the rest of the tour. At the concert 4 years ago we had seats in the 3rd row right in front of LeRoi's side of the stage, and it was fun to watch him. He was having so much fun during the concert, constantly joking with Dave and smiling at people in the crowd who would yell his name. The band won't be the same without him.

Here's the post on the Dave Matthews Band website:
We are deeply saddened that LeRoi Moore, saxophonist and founding member of Dave Matthews Band, died unexpectedly Tuesday afternoon, August 19, 2008, at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles from sudden complications stemming from his June ATV accident on his farm near Charlottesville, Virginia. LeRoi had recently returned to his Los Angeles home to begin an intensive physical rehabilitation program.
Here's the article from the MSN entertainment website:
Dave Matthews Band sax player LeRoi Moore dies
Aug. 20, 2008, 1:25 AM EST
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- LeRoi Moore, the versatile saxophonist whose signature staccato fused jazz and funk overtones onto the eclectic sound of the Dave Matthews Band, died Tuesday of complications from injuries he suffered in an all-terrain vehicle accident, the band said. He was 46.

Moore died at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, where he was admitted with complications that arose weeks after the June 30 wreck, according to a statement on the band's Web site. It did not specify what led to his death, and nursing supervisor Galina Shinder said the hospital could not release details.

On June 30, Moore crashed his ATV on his farm outside Charlottesville, Va., but was discharged and returned to his Los Angeles home to begin physical therapy. Complications forced him back to the hospital on July 17, the band said.

The band went on with its show Tuesday night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where lead singer Dave Matthews acknowledged Moore's death to the crowd after the first song.

"It's always easier to leave than be left," Matthews told the crowd, according to Ambrosia Healy, the band's publicist. "We appreciate you all being here."

Saxophonist Jeff Coffin, who played with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, had been sitting in for Moore during the band's summer tour.

Moore, who wore dark sunglasses at the bands' many live concerts, had classical training but said jazz was his main musical influence, according to a biography on the band's Web site.

"But at this stage I don't really consider myself a jazz musician," Moore said in the biography. Playing with the Dave Matthews Band was "almost better than a jazz gig," he said. "I have plenty of space to improvise, to try new ideas."

Lead singer Dave Matthews credited Moore with arranging many of his songs, which combine Cajun fiddle-playing, African-influenced rhythms and Matthews' playful but haunting voice.

The band formed in 1991 in Charlottesville, Va., when Matthews was working as a bartender. He gave a demo tape of his songs to Moore, who liked what he heard and recruited his friend and fellow jazzman Carter Beauford to play drums, and other musicians.

The group broke out of the local music scene with the album "Under the Table and Dreaming." The band won a Grammy Award in 1997 for its hit song "So Much to Say" off its second album "Crash." Other hits include "What Would You Say," "Crash Into Me" and "Satellite."

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hello, everyone!!

Just a quick note for you today. We had our doctor's appointment a week ago & the doctor was not able to tell if we're having a boy or a girl. I was so sad!! He thought it might be a boy, but he couldn't tell for sure, the baby was squirming too much, & then crossed its legs, so that was that. We do know that our baby has really long legs, but I guess that shouldn't be too much of a surprise. The head & abdomen measured at a little over 17 weeks, but the legs measured at 19 1/2 weeks, so we've got a tall skinny baby. Ha ha. I can finally feel the baby moving, sometimes those long legs hurt!! I'm kind of afraid for what kind of pain I might feel when the baby is stronger & its legs are even longer. Yikes!! It doesn't hurt all the time, but the baby hits pretty hard every once in a while. Anyway, the doctor will try to look again next month on September 9th, so keep your fingers crossed.

Another bit of exciting news from our family.....Matt & I are in the process of buying a house!! Hooray!! I'm so excited, no more renting, no more landlords, no more crazy repair men who never show up or say it's too hot to come fix things. Anyway, we'll know for sure if everything is final by next week, and I can't wait. If everything goes as planned we will be moving in on September 1st. They don't call it Labor Day for nothing, ha ha. My friend's realtor found us a nice sized house in our price range. It's in Orem, has 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, family room, storage room, garage, and laundry room. It also has a 1/2 acre of land with it, 4 apple trees, and we think an apricot tree, a little basketball court in back, and a walnut tree out front. It's older & needs updating inside, but it was a great deal for how big it is. I can finally stop stressing about where we're going to put the baby when it's born, since it will now have its own room. Yeah!! I'll have to take pictures of the awesome bathrooms, pink tile upstairs, turquoise tile downstairs. It's pretty sweet. Anyway, we're really excited & we hope everything works out, keep your fingers crossed for us.

My cousin Anthony graduated with his Master's degree in Exercise Science last Friday, that was a happy day. Now we have to call him "master", ha ha. I'll put some pictures up sometime. I don't know why it's so hard for me to remember the pictures. Oh well. Ant's wife is going to have their 5th baby any day now. When they checked on Thursday she was dilated to a 3, but I haven't heard anything since Saturday, so I guess she hasn't had it yet. I guess that's it for now. The baby just waved at you all, or kicked a few times for you, not sure which one. It's such a weird feeling, but it's also a good feeling. I wish Matt could feel it, but he says he can't, maybe in a few more weeks when the baby's stronger. Ouch!! Ha ha. Have a good day, everyone!!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Here's a short note for all of you. =0) I've been listening to the music on my blog page for half the day today, and I LOVE IT!! It has put me in such a good mood today. Obviously these are my favorite songs, since I've chosen them for my blog page, but they all remind me of good times. Dave Matthews Band reminds me of high school. It's funny how a Dave song can take me back to the wonderful days of high school when my friends & I would just cruise around town, looking for trouble because we had nothing else to do. We would spend days just laying in the sun, working on our tans, like we really needed to worry about it. Ha ha. The Dave songs also remind me of all the AWESOME concerts I've seen....another one is coming up on the 27th of August, and I am SOOOO excited!! I was worried that I might be really big by then, but the growth of my pregnant belly has slowed A LOT, and I am relieved!! I was getting reallly scared there for a while that I was going to be GINORMOUS by the time I have the baby. Anyway, back to the music.

The Format reminds me of all the awesome concerts of theirs I've been to, plus their music just makes me smile. The Format just has so much energy, the shows are so much fun! I always feel old when I go because I'm probably 10 years older than everyone, but I can't help myself, they're so much fun. I also have some Norah Jones mixed in, the one that really gets me is "Come Away With Me". Matt & I danced our "first" dance to that song at our wedding reception. We spent weeks & weeks learning a waltz, and it brings back some good memories of my wedding day. I love Matt so much!! The other songs that are mixed in are just good, fun songs. Some remind me of high school, some are more recent, but they all make me smile. I just heard "Tootsie Roll" not too long ago and it reminded me of when my friends & I would go to Club Omni every Wednesday for "ladies night". Ha ha. We thought we were so cool. It makes me laugh to think of those days. Anyway, just a little tidbit for you all today, I'll write more when I have more time. Have a good day, everyone!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

HAPPY PIONEER DAY, EVERYONE!!! I thought I'd give you all a little update, since I don't have much time. I had my doctor's appointment last Thursday and everything went well. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat this time, so that was good, although I was a little disappointed not to be able to see it again. We have our next appointment on August 12th, the doctor said we should be able to see if it's a boy or a girl by then. I'm so excited!! I don't really care one way or the other, but at least I can start buying clothes then. Speaking of which, we haven't bought anything for the baby yet, and it's starting to stress me out, but I don't even know where to start. I guess we'll figure it out soon enough. Our friend Larry's wife had their baby yesterday by c-section. They had a little girl and named her Elizabeth. She was tiny, 6 pounds 2 oz, I guess that may be normal size, but it just seems so small since all our family's babies are HUMONGOUS. We're going to go see her today, and I'm so excited. I bet she is so cute, she has to be, being that small. Ha ha. Tonight I'm going to a birthday sleepover party. I'm excited for that, even though Matt thinks it's silly for grown women to be having a sleepover. It's my friend Lynette's birthday and we're going to make calzones and chocolate fondue, then watch a bunch of girly movies. It should be fun. I was a little worried about sleeping arrangements but they said they'd let me have a bed since I'm pregnant. Yeah! Not much else is going on, I guess. My birthday is next Tuesday, so you can start sending presents now. Ha ha. I'm going to be 29.....again. I've decided I'm just going to be 29 until I die, just like Matt's grandma. Hee hee. Have a lovely day everyone, and remember the pioneers and all they did for us. I have a new appreciation for the pioneers after visiting Nauvoo & seeing where a lot of them started from, the wagons they came in, and how far they had to go. Driving in a car was long enough, I can't imagine walking the whole way. Wow!! Anyway, have a great day!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's been a while since my last entry, and I'm sorry I still don't have the pictures from our trip on here yet, maybe sometime this week? I hope. It's been a little crazy around here, lots of stuff to do. Our trip was a lot of fun. We spent a couple of days in Nauvoo, did some temple work, did some sightseeing. We also spent a couple of days in Chicago. We didn't do too much sightseeing, one day was filled up with wedding stuff, but we did get to see a little bit of Chicago. The 4th of July was a lot of fun. I dragged Matt to the hot air balloons EARLY in the morning, which he hates, but he loves me enough to always go with me without complaining. Then we watched the parade. After that we saw "Hancock", which I really liked, then we had a BBQ at my parents' house. I also went to the Stadium of Fire that night. My family had an extra ticket, so I left Matt at home watching Amber's kids. He survived, so that's good. Well, he's better with kids than I am, so he was just fine. The Stadium of Fire was fun, I'm glad it wasn't as hot as last year, I thought I might pass out it was so hot last year. Anyway, the Blue Man Group was awesome, Miley Cyrus was ok. I only know one of her songs, so I sang along to that one, but I didn't really like any of her other songs. The fireworks were good, except the wind was blowing directly towards us so we were showered with smoke & debris, which was not fun. At least we didn't get burned, we saw some flaming pieces landing on other people. Kind of scary.

My friend Rocio's wedding was on Saturday, so we went to that, and to her reception. I forgot my camera both times, so I don't have any pictures of it. Her dress was beautiful, and it's always nice to see people committing to each other, as opposed to separating or divorcing each other. They had their wedding in the big cathedral in Salt Lake. I hadn't been in there since I was 7 or 8, and it is beautiful!! I really liked looking at all the stained glass & paintings they have in there. It was a very interesting ceremony since it was all in Spanish, but I still got the basic parts of it, I think. I just stood up when other people stood up, and sat down when they sat down. The reception was a lot of fun, once we finally found it. It was at a dance hall in American Fork. It was kind of hot in there, but it was still fun to see all of the different traditions at Mexican weddings, as opposed to American weddings. The food was really good. We had some kind of sheep or lamb, cooked in a tomato sauce (sounds weird, but it was really good) with beans, rice & tortillas.

Last night Matt had an interview with the stake presidency. They called him to be the 2nd counselor in the Elder's Quorum, so that will be an interesting new calling for him. I never knew that the Elder's Quorum presidency reports directly to the stake president. You learn new things everyday.

I watched my sister Amber & my cousin Kim play softball last night. It was their end of season tournament. Kim took my place on the team after I found out I was pregnant. My doctor said no sports, no running, so that was the end of my season. I was a little disappointed, but I'll do whatever is best for the baby. Some of the girls on my team have played when they were pregnant before, so they didn't understand, but they also said they never asked for their doctor's permission. Ha ha. We had two pregnant girls last season, and we still have one this season who is still playing. Anyway, they were in the quarterfinals, but they lost both their games last night, so now they are done for the season. They still did well, and were the regular season champs, so they still got champ shirts, which is the most important thing. =0) After the game Kim discovered she had locked her keys in her car. Luckily there was a policeman there because some guy had injured himself on a different field, so there was an ambulance, fire truck, policeman and sheriff there. The policeman was walking back to his car so Lora asked him to come help us. It took the poor guy 35 minutes to get her car unlocked, all the while he was getting eaten by mosquitoes. He was cheerful the whole time, and was really nice, so we gave him a Tinkerbell Valentine that my niece had given us earlier during the game, with a lemonhead. He was very appreciative. Ha. That was our exciting night, and I guess that's all the news for now. My next doctor's appointment is on Tuesday, so I'll give you another update after that, and again, I hope I can get the pictures from our trip up this week. Maybe I'll take some time tonight. Have a great day!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Well, Matt, Kae & I are off to Iowa early, early tomorrow morning. I am excited for the trip, but not excited for the loooooooooong drive. 19 hours. Yikes!! Hopefully our DVD player will keep us entertained well enough. We will be spending a week visiting Matt's parents and we will be going to Matt's cousin Jim's wedding next Saturday in Chicago. It should be a fun trip. We will be going to Nauvoo also, since it's only a couple of hours from Matt's parents' house. I am really excited for that, and to see Chicago for the first time. I probably won't post any more blogs until I get back, so hopefully the Human Tetris videos will keep you entertained for now. Here are a couple of pictures of Matt's cousin & his fiancee. They're so cute. I can't wait to meet them.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Prepare yourselves, it's the end of the world, ha ha. I know I haven't always been excited about the idea of having children, but it has finally happened, and I am soooooooo excited!!! We've known since cinco de mayo, well, I knew before that, but a test didn't turn out positive until cinco de mayo. We had our 2nd doctor's appointment yesterday, and everything went well, so now we're telling the whole world. I'll have to figure out how to put our ultrasound picture on here, so everyone can see the little peanut. I wish we had a picture of it from the side so you could see it's cute little arms & legs, but we only have a back view, where you can see it's little bum & head. We were only supposed to listen to the heartbeat, but when we went in the doctor couldn't find it, which worried us some, but he said we'll just do an ultrasound. As soon as he got it on screen, the little baby was kicking & flailing it's arms & legs everywhere, so it's definitely healthy, and definitely has a heartbeat. I'm just not as far along as I thought, so that's why we couldn't hear the heartbeat, the baby was just too small. So they moved my due date back to January 10th, and according to the ultrasound, I'm 10 weeks 4 days along. No, I'm not having twins or triplets, as my family likes to tease me, since my stomach is so huge. Just one baby, one crazy little, hyper baby. Matt is so excited. He's so cute, he always makes sure I don't lift anything, he makes sure he complies with all of my crazy food requests. He makes sure I always take my vitamins & eat my fruit that he gives me every day. He's going to be a great dad!! We found out right before Mother's Day, so he got me some beautiful aquamarine/diamond earrings for Mother's Day, and he made me breakfast in bed. He is so sweet. For Father's Day all he asked for was to be able to upgrade one of his pistols, so that's what we'll do when we get back from our trip next week. As far as the pregnancy goes, I've only had a couple of breakdowns, but only in front of Matt. There were just a couple of days where I was so sick & so tired, so hungry, but couldn't do anything about it, and I would just fall apart, but Matt was always there to pick up the pieces. I've been feeling good the last few days though, so hopefully I'm done with the nauseousness & tiredness and can just enjoy being pregnant. Keep your fingers crossed.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This is Matt & me coming out of the Salt Lake temple after my first endowment session on Friday the 13th. Don't you love my bag!! I made my dad find it for me in their storage, it's from the 70's or something. I love it! You can really see my big pregnant belly in this picture.
My lovely aunt Stella who doesn't like to get her picture taken.
Not sure why my mom's making a face here, but it's funny.
Sorry, I don't know how to rotate pictures.
The Hunter clan: Matt's mom Kate, Matt, me & Andrew.
I love their family, I always feel so small since they're all so tall.

The whole family: Matt's mom, Matt, me, Andrew, Jana, Amber, Kae, Stella, my mom & dad.
Matt & me on the temple stairs.

The Benally sisters, minus Lora. She was good enough to babysit the children.
I just loved Kae's face in this picture. Not sure what she's doing.

The Benally family, minus Lora.
Me & Kae. Aren't we cute??
Andrew & Matt. Brotherly love. Nice.
Kae & Amber. I guess they're cute too.
Here is a picture of Milo....finally!! He was hiding all day, and I finally caught him on camera. Matt's playing with his new phone, as usual.

Here we are coming out of the Manti temple after our sealing on Saturday.
Friday & Saturday really wore me out, but I was still happy, as you can tell.

Aaah. So happy!!!

This is the first time we see Al (Jana's husband, on the far left). He had to go pick up their boys after the endowment session on Friday, so that's why he's not in any of the pictures at the Salt Lake temple. Stella & Matt's mom didn't want to hike up the hill in the heat, so that's why they're missing from these pictures. It was hot!!!
Here we are holding the baby.

Milo, as always, cheesing it up for the camera.
These next pictures are from the dinner at my parents' house Saturday night.
Here is Jordan (one of Jana's young women from her ward), Jana, baby Jason, and Journey.
Kae & Morgan (Johnny boy). So cute.
Karilyn & me. I work with Karilyn now, but she worked with my dad at BYU forever, so I've known her since I was like 14 or 15.

Bro. & Sis. Marrott from our ward. He's the 1st counselor in the bishopric.
Matt's dad, Gerald. He's cute.
Emma Houghton (my two other boss' mom), Lynn (my boss & good friend), his wife Claudia, who is the sweetest woman ever.
Matt's mom Kate.
My sister Lora, and my cousin Lauren. Poor Lora was sick all weekend.

The Patch family: Linda, (I don't know her husband's name, oops), and Isaac.
My cousin Anthony, his wife Alohi, & their youngest daughter Journey. They have another baby due in September, possibly another girl, but they're not 100% sure. That will make 5 kids.
My sister Amber, & my cousin Kimri (Ant's sister).
The Kelloggs: Heather & Larry. Heather is due next month. How exciting!! They're having a girl. Larry was Matt's roommate way back in the day, and we're still good friends with him.
Andrew. He's still single, ladies!! If you know any TALL single women, hook him up. He's 6' 7".

My adorable niece Jordan.
Matt's older brother Patrick. We had to catch him from far away, he wouldn't pose for a picture.
Julie Beckstrand & Shannon Slinker, two friends from the ward. Shannon is my boss, I guess, she's the primary president, and i'm the primary secretary.
Shannon with her husband Geoff.
Our new neighbor Kevin & his son, batman/hook.

Kaiulani, Ant's daughter. She was really sick that day too, poor thing.
Jana & Amber.
Mom & Dad, working hard at the grill.
Al. Helping the parentals.
All the crazy kids. From left to right: Devin, Tyler, Jason, Nalani, Kaleo. Kaleo broke his elbow on his birthday a couple weeks ago, poor thing. He fell out of a tree, and had to have surgery to put in screws. So he'll be in a cast for a few more weeks.
Morgan's brother Jason was kind enough to take all of the pictures for us at the dinner, but he forgot to take one of himself. You can look at Lora's graduation pictures to see him, I guess. Thanks for all the hard work, Jason!!