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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I have some exciting news!! Matt and I finally got a set date for our temple sealing. We will be sealed in the Manti temple on June 14th. It has been a very long process, and we are so excited to have this opportunity...finally!! We will hopefully be sending out invites this week, so look for them in the mail. We will be having an open house/dinner that night for friends & family. I hope to see you all there.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I hope you all like my playlist. I saw that feature on my friend Erica's blog, and I HAD to add it to mine too. I think it's the coolest thing ever. Hopefully I didn't pick any songs that swear...I'll have to double check that. Well, this weekend is Memorial Day, and I'm sure everyone has exciting & fun plans. My plans are to hang around the house, watch movies, and probably eat a lot of food. Matt has to work late tonight & a few hours tomorrow, so I'm pretty much on my own. I'll probably go in to work for a while tomorrow as well, catch up on some things, get some overtime. All good things. Anyway, I thought I'd give a quick update of the family. My parents are doing well. My dad still works with me at Westland Construction. My mom still works at the BYU ticket office. They had quite the fiasco with the Miley Cyrus tickets for the Stadium of Fire. Good times. My mom will also begin teaching a Navajo class at BYU in the fall. Go mom!! That will be cool, maybe I'll drop in on a few classes and see if I can learn anything. Jana & Al are still in New Mexico. They may be on their way to California by now. They're beach bums, too bad the beach is so far away for them. Their 2 older boys, Devin & Ryan are now playing baseball. I don't know how Jana does it, 2 practices every day, plus games, it would be crazy. Their little baby JJ is doing well, still wearing his Batman cape. Ha ha.

Amber & Milo now live in Lehi. They just put new sod in their front yard, and they got rid of all the ugly trees that were ruining their pipes, so their yard looks a lot better. Tyler & Jordan are doing well. Jordan was a little disappointed that David "Enchilada" didn't win. She can't say Archuletta, so she says enchilada. It's cute.

Kae is still working at Stevenson's Copy & Geneology Center. Kae is also still dating Morgan. They've been dating since around Valentine's Day. He's nice enough, I guess. Ha ha. He's really nice, plus he plays VOLLEYBALL. Finally, a man in the family that can play. He lives in Salt Lake and takes care of his little brother, Jason, who is really nice too. (I don't have a picture of Kae & Morgan together yet. Sorry their pictures are so small, I just pulled them off their facebook pages.)

Lora or "Lola" is getting ready to graduate from Provo High. Her graduation is the 29th at 7:00 @ UVSC, if anyone's interested in coming. Her seminary graduation was on Sunday. It's kind of nice now that they do it by stake, instead of having the whole school gather somewhere. It was especially nice since it was short & I didn't have to miss any of the "Desperate Housewives" finale. Matt & I are doing well. He still works at Verio. He gets bored at times, but he likes it for the most part. I still love my work. It has been a bit hectic lately, but I guess that's better than not having enough to do, right? We really don't do much. We're pretty boring. Volleyball season is over for now, and softball season only has a couple more weeks left, and then there's the big sports void, unless you want to watch baseball. Yikes!! I don't mind baseball in person, but baseball on TV usually puts me to sleep, and forget about trying to get Matt to watch it. I'm so desperate now that I watch the basketball playoffs with Matt. (I hate basketball.) August/September & football season really needs to get here quicker!!!!!

My cousin Kim is living with my parents now. It's nice having her around. She's so nice, and so obedient & helpful, it's quite a change for my parents, I'm sure. Ha ha. She just graduated from BYU Idaho in Child Development, and will hopefully start work at UVRMC soon. She's single!!! If you know of any eligible young bachelors let me know!! Poor Kimmie hurt her arm a couple days ago & can't lift it. Hopefully it will get better soon.

I guess that's the update for now. Have a good day, everyone!!

I just found out when the New Kids on the Block tickets go on sale for Salt Lake. They go on sale June 9th at 10:00 am. I am so excited!!! I just found out on Sunday that they are going to be coming here. They looked so good on the Today Show last Friday. They sang a few songs & talked about their tour & new album coming out. You can download their first single "Summertime" on iTunes. Matt thinks I'm a little pathetic for still loving the New Kids, but I can't help myself. All my sisters can relate, we are all so excited, and I'm pretty sure all of us will be at the concert screaming our guts out. It will bring back so many memories of my first concert ever: New Kids at the Marriott Center. That was the coolest thing ever, and started my love for concerts. I'll have to make a list of all the concerts I've been too, then everyone will understand why my hearing is so bad. Ha ha. You can all check out the latest New Kids news at

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hello, everyone. Or no one, more likely, since I think only one person knows my blog address. Hi, Jess!! I guess I should tell more people. Ha ha. I think I've had this blog page for over a year and I've never posted anything to it. I'll have to be better about it, and maybe tell some people about it too. I'm not sure how to post anything fancy yet, so I'm sure this will be a pretty boring page for a while, but at least you'll know what's going on with me, because you all know how good I am at e-mailing people or answering the phone. Ha ha. Have a good day everyone, and hopefully I will post again soon.