Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wow, a new post twice in one week!! What's the world coming to??? Ha ha!! Well, we tried picking some apricots last night. Apparently they were not as ripe as I thought. :( We still got a couple of bowl fulls though, and they were DEEEEElicious!! It also gave us a chance to hang out. My sisters & my parents came over and we roasted some hot dogs and marshmallows in the fire pit Matt made a few weeks ago in our back yard. Fun was had by all. Amber bought some bubbles, water balloons and water guns for the kids. Isabelle had so much fun with them. I'm pretty sure she just dumped out the bubbles. Ha ha! As for the water balloons it took her a few tries to throw it hard enough to break it. Then she just squished one in between her hands and it got water all over her. She didn't seem to mind. The funniest thing was when she had the water gun. She saw Jordan & Tyler shooting people with theirs so she would go up to people and touch them with her gun and they'd have to pretend she was shooting them with the water. She thought it was sooooo funny. So cute! She was pretty worn out by the time everyone went home so she was happy to get her bath & get to bed.

As for me I've been staying up late reading. I started reading The Hunger Games last week and finished it in a few days. Now I am on to the 2nd book of that series, Catching Fire. I really really like the series so far. There's a 3rd book coming out sometime this year. Hopefully it's soon, I'll have to check on that, because I'm sure I'll be finishing this 2nd book in a couple of days as well. Other than that, Matt and I have been working hard getting our house clean. We finally broke down and made up a chore chart, it just wasn't getting done otherwise. Things are starting to get under control in that department, so that's good. I'm going to start sorting through our storage stuff for a yard sale at my parents' house this Saturday. It's always good to get things sorted through & organized, plus to get rid of things that are no longer needed. Matt always makes fun of me for watching "Hoarders" and "Clean House", but it really helps me to get rid of things that I clearly don't need but am hanging on to for some strange reason. Anyway, I suppose that's all the news for now. Have a lovely day!!

Oh, one more thing. I have decided that I'm going to plant some of these in our yard sometime. They're blooming everywhere now and I just love them. :)

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