Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This is the lovely ice cream maker we have, given to me by Matt's mom for my birthday YEARS ago. I don't even remember when, that's how long ago it was. :) I love it. Anyone who knows me knows that I love ice cream, so this was the perfect present.
I made the apricot ice cream last night and it was SO YUMMY!! Luckily I still have enough sugar soaked apricots to make at least 2 more batches. My parents & Lora came over and we ate it ALL. It was so good. So tonight I'm definitely going to make more. I think we need to invest in another thingy that you freeze for the ice cream maker so we can make more than one batch at a time. As it is now, we can make one batch, then we have to empty it and refreeze the bowl thingy before we can make another batch. Oh well, I guess that keeps us from eating too much ice cream all at once. :)

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