Thursday, July 15, 2010

Here's a short post about my brother-in-law who lives with us. His name is Andrew and he's the best. He's always excited to see Isabelle when he gets home and he's always willing to take her on a walk when she's having a meltdown. My favorite thing is all of the scientific things he tries to teach her. When I walked out the door this morning there was a drawing of a circle with the radius drawn in (they like to draw on the porch with Isabelle's sidewalk chalk). I'm sure he was explaining the whole thing to her. It makes me smile when he does these things, it usually happens when he sees something on TV and then he'll explain the whole thing to her in adult terms and she'll just look at him like he's crazy. Ha ha! It's cute.

Not much happened last night. I made tortelloni soup with garlic bread and Matt made a salad. We watched a little TV and then I started sorting through things for the yard sale on Saturday. Tonight I've got my Mary Kay unit meeting and then it will be more sorting. Fun, fun, fun!! :) Have a great night, everyone!!

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