Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Only 4 days until I get sealed to Matt....FOREVER!!! I'm so excited! We've got a lot going on this week. Matt's parents get into town tomorrow night. Unfortunately, we won't be able to see them right away because we'll be at the Stone Temple Pilots concert at the E Center. Here's a picture of them. Even the picture doesn't help me remember who they are. Oh well.Matt really likes the Stone Temple Pilots. I personally can't recall any of their songs, but I'm sure they're good if Matt likes them. It should be fun. Hopefully we can leave Provo early enough to eat before the concert at my favorite Chinese restaurant in Salt Lake....Little World!!! It's the best place ever. Scary to look at, horrible service, but GREAT food! Anyway, then on Thursday we're going to the distribution center to get all of our temple clothes. Matt's mom wanted to come with us, so that's why we're waiting until Thursday night. Then Friday I'm going to the endowment session in the Salt Lake Temple, so we'll be up in Salt Lake all day Friday. After the temple we're all having dinner at Benihana. I LOVE Benihana too, it's so much fun, all the fire, throwing of knives, and throwing of food. It will be great. My very generous aunt Stella is going to pay for Matt and me, which is awesome. Free food always tastes better. =0) Then Saturday we'll be getting sealed in the Manti temple. When we get back we're having a dinner for friends & family at my parents' house, and that will be fun to see everyone. So yeah, it's a busy week. Then of course we have Father's Day on Sunday. Who could forget Father's Day?? Both Matt and I have great fathers. Anyway, I'll have to do another blog about our dads on Father's Day. I suppose that's the update for now. Hope to see you all on Saturday!!

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Erica said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you guys!! You motivate me to get on the ball and work harder for the same of these days I'll make it!!