Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This is Matt & me coming out of the Salt Lake temple after my first endowment session on Friday the 13th. Don't you love my bag!! I made my dad find it for me in their storage, it's from the 70's or something. I love it! You can really see my big pregnant belly in this picture.
My lovely aunt Stella who doesn't like to get her picture taken.
Not sure why my mom's making a face here, but it's funny.
Sorry, I don't know how to rotate pictures.
The Hunter clan: Matt's mom Kate, Matt, me & Andrew.
I love their family, I always feel so small since they're all so tall.

The whole family: Matt's mom, Matt, me, Andrew, Jana, Amber, Kae, Stella, my mom & dad.
Matt & me on the temple stairs.

The Benally sisters, minus Lora. She was good enough to babysit the children.
I just loved Kae's face in this picture. Not sure what she's doing.

The Benally family, minus Lora.
Me & Kae. Aren't we cute??
Andrew & Matt. Brotherly love. Nice.
Kae & Amber. I guess they're cute too.
Here is a picture of Milo....finally!! He was hiding all day, and I finally caught him on camera. Matt's playing with his new phone, as usual.

Here we are coming out of the Manti temple after our sealing on Saturday.
Friday & Saturday really wore me out, but I was still happy, as you can tell.

Aaah. So happy!!!

This is the first time we see Al (Jana's husband, on the far left). He had to go pick up their boys after the endowment session on Friday, so that's why he's not in any of the pictures at the Salt Lake temple. Stella & Matt's mom didn't want to hike up the hill in the heat, so that's why they're missing from these pictures. It was hot!!!
Here we are holding the baby.

Milo, as always, cheesing it up for the camera.
These next pictures are from the dinner at my parents' house Saturday night.
Here is Jordan (one of Jana's young women from her ward), Jana, baby Jason, and Journey.
Kae & Morgan (Johnny boy). So cute.
Karilyn & me. I work with Karilyn now, but she worked with my dad at BYU forever, so I've known her since I was like 14 or 15.

Bro. & Sis. Marrott from our ward. He's the 1st counselor in the bishopric.
Matt's dad, Gerald. He's cute.
Emma Houghton (my two other boss' mom), Lynn (my boss & good friend), his wife Claudia, who is the sweetest woman ever.
Matt's mom Kate.
My sister Lora, and my cousin Lauren. Poor Lora was sick all weekend.

The Patch family: Linda, (I don't know her husband's name, oops), and Isaac.
My cousin Anthony, his wife Alohi, & their youngest daughter Journey. They have another baby due in September, possibly another girl, but they're not 100% sure. That will make 5 kids.
My sister Amber, & my cousin Kimri (Ant's sister).
The Kelloggs: Heather & Larry. Heather is due next month. How exciting!! They're having a girl. Larry was Matt's roommate way back in the day, and we're still good friends with him.
Andrew. He's still single, ladies!! If you know any TALL single women, hook him up. He's 6' 7".

My adorable niece Jordan.
Matt's older brother Patrick. We had to catch him from far away, he wouldn't pose for a picture.
Julie Beckstrand & Shannon Slinker, two friends from the ward. Shannon is my boss, I guess, she's the primary president, and i'm the primary secretary.
Shannon with her husband Geoff.
Our new neighbor Kevin & his son, batman/hook.

Kaiulani, Ant's daughter. She was really sick that day too, poor thing.
Jana & Amber.
Mom & Dad, working hard at the grill.
Al. Helping the parentals.
All the crazy kids. From left to right: Devin, Tyler, Jason, Nalani, Kaleo. Kaleo broke his elbow on his birthday a couple weeks ago, poor thing. He fell out of a tree, and had to have surgery to put in screws. So he'll be in a cast for a few more weeks.
Morgan's brother Jason was kind enough to take all of the pictures for us at the dinner, but he forgot to take one of himself. You can look at Lora's graduation pictures to see him, I guess. Thanks for all the hard work, Jason!!

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