Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Finally, a picture of Kae & Morgan together.
Our lovely cousin Lauren.
It's chow time!!
The crazy kids on the trampoline.
Lora's cute little nieces.
I'm not sure what Matt is looking at.
Maybe he's just deep in thought.
Morgan's a little strange, but funny.

Here is Lola with a cotton candy she made for the kids. That's why it's so small.

Here are some other people that came, Kris Jeffrey, the Wuehlers, and Loren Jeffrey.

My parents, slaving away at the grill.

Ant & Alohi, Journey, & Kim.

Morgan & his brother Jason.

Here we all are after Lora's graduation. Matt looks like a giant.

Pretty Lora outside after the graduation.

Amber's kids always want to be the center of attention. =0)

This is Lora with two of her sisters, and her brother.

Lora & her birth mother & step father.

As you can see, we had a lot of fun at our get together. Again, we are very proud of Lora for graduating. I feel so old now, my baby sister is graduated from high school. Before you know it I'll be 30, then I'll be REALLY old. Oh well, life goes on.


anna said...

love your pictures and article, is there any way I can get copies of those pictures?

Jessica said...

Your sister is SO cute - i am so proud of you for actually joining the blogging world!