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Wednesday, February 02, 2011



So I have decided to do another marathon. I will be training with Team in Training again. I tried twice last year (unsuccessfully) to find motivation to do a marathon on my own. I'm sure that since you know me, you know that I am not in great physical shape (understatement of the decade!!), and without a "real" purpose for my training I found myself very unmotivated and uncaring about whether or not I actually did the marathon. I LOVE doing marathons, so this surprised me somewhat, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that I love doing a marathon with a purpose, not just for my own personal gratification. Soooo...that being said, I have no doubt that I will train for and run the San Diego Rock 'N' Roll Marathon in June with no problem. :) I'm so excited!!! Below is a copy of my fund-raising letter that I sent out this week. I am a little nervous about the fund-raising aspect this year (even though I never had any trouble with that part for my last 5 events) because of the state of the economy. I know times are tough for everyone right now, but I'm hoping people are still willing to be a little generous with what little they have.

Dear Friends & Family,
I have once again decided to train for and run a marathon for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This will be my first marathon in almost 4 years! I'm scared!! I will be running/walking the San Diego Rock 'N' Roll Marathon on June 5th. This will be my first marathon since having my beautiful daughter Isabelle, and I am very nervous since my body has changed so much since I've had her. Now I imagine those who are participating in marathons for their lives - coping with cancer every day, enduring years of doctors' visits, months of chemotherapy, and the endless needles that cancer patients endure. To the hundreds of thousands of blood cancer patients, every day is a test of endurance that I cannot imagine. Their race is much longer and more grueling than what I'm training for.
This will be my 6th event with Team in Training, the country's longest running, and most successful endurance training program. Even though this program is geared for preparing people like me to complete a marathon, the main goal is to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a non-profit organization that raises funds for the research and treatment of blood-related cancers. The mission is to cure Leukemia, Lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and Myeloma, and to improve the quality of life of patients and their families. These diseases strike 102,000 Americans each year and kill 60,340. Every week there are 1,900 new cases. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has made great strides in the research of curing the diseases and the survival rate has improved significantly over the past 25 years. Progress has been made, but there is still more work to do.
I will be competing in memory of my cousin, Nathan Clah, who lost his battle with leukemia in June of 2001. He was like a brother to me, and since I have been raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, it has really helped me to deal with the loss of him. I still miss him every day and I am sad that my daughter has not had the chance to meet him. I know that we will be together again one day, and that Isabelle will get the chance to know him and love him as I do, but it is still hard. With Team in Training I feel like I am making a difference, and if my efforts mean that one family will not have to go through losing someone in their family to blood-related cancers, all the training and fundraising will have been well worth the effort. So, for each mile I train for the San Diego Rock 'N' Roll Marathon, I will be inspired by everyone ever affected by blood cancer; the patients themselves, but also their families, friends and loved ones. I will complete this marathon in honor of all individuals who are battling cancer. These people are the real heroes on our team, and we need your support to cross the ultimate finish line - a cure!!
I have set a goal of raising $5,000.00 every year I've participated in Team in Training, but I have never been able to achieve it. Please let this year be the year!! I am asking for your help. Any amount helps, whether it is $5 or $500. I will be donating a lot of time, sweat and tears while training for this marathon, and I hope that you are willing to donate a little of your hard-earned cash for such a wonderful cause.
I also encourage you to pass on this letter (or my website) to anyone else who might be interested in helping the cause. There is a link on the right side of my blog to my fundraising website. The website also has an option to share it through facebook. Please share it with all your friends!! Remember, all contributions are tax deductible, and I can mail you a receipt if you need one, just let me know.
I am excited to be a part of this program and the research and patient services that the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society provide. Thank you so much for your generosity and support!! Your donation truly does make a difference.
Have a great day!!

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