Thursday, August 27, 2009


Not sure who's running, but this is from the Firecracker softball tournament in 2008. They are doing the base running relay. I wasn't able to play since I was pregnant, but it was fun to see everyone again. They made a mostly ex-Provo High team.

Here's Eliza Slingerland (can't remember her new married name) in the hitting competition.

Here's Amber in the pitching competition. She won, of course. :)

Here's Kimmie Cat really working for a base hit.

Amber showing off her huge muscles.

The team. I can't remember everyone's name, sadly. I know Becky, Amber, Maria, Eliza, Allison, is that Misha? I don't remember her playing, but that sure looks like her. :) Kimmie Cat, and I can't remember anyone else's name. :(

Cute little Isabelle with her new toy.

She's saying, "Stop taking pictures!!" Ha ha.

These next few pictures are on her blessing day. I absolutely LOVED the dress I bought her, and her hairbow I got from a guy at work (his wife makes them). Amber made the jewelry for her, so she was all sorts of decked out for the big day.

This is her first bath after her umbilical cord FINALLY fell off. She loved bath time....still does. :)

My beautiful sister Kae. Looking hot, lady. :)

A short update:
Isabelle is 7 months old today, and she is growing up so fast. She crawls all over the place and climbs on everything. We try to keep her corralled in the living room, but she often tries to climb over our barriers. We have had to keep everything off of shelves & tables because she is always pulling herself up to a standing position & trying to reach everything. She is even trying to stand up on her own already. She can't quite do it yet, but I don't think it will be too much longer. Crazy!! Why can't she stay a baby longer before she starts trying to stand by herself & walk?? She can say dadda now, sometimes she even says daddy. She just loves Matt so much. This morning she woke up at 6:00, much to Matt's horror, but he couldn't help but smile when she just kept touching his face & hair saying dadda, dadda, daddy. So cute!! It's so hard to leave for work every morning, especially when they're cuddled up together still asleep when I leave. Everything else is still going really well. Both of our jobs are still stable for the moment. My Mary Kay business is doing well. I sold my first roll-up bag last week & that was very exciting. I still win prizes every week for being one of the top consultants, and that's always fun. :) I'm really working hard to try to earn my first car. Maybe I will go on target next month....we'll see. I'm playing softball in a city league now. It's fun, yet scary at the same time. I'm always so nervous that I'm just going to play horribly, but luckily that has only happened once so far. :) We've got another game tonight, so hopefully that goes well. It's just hard since I didn't play last year because I was pregnant with Isabelle. I guess it will get easier as time goes on & I get used to playing again. Matt & I took a mini vacation to Wendover on Monday night. It was so much fun!! We got a coupon in the mail for a free room, $20 in gas, $20 in cash and a free buffet, so we took full advantage of it and went. We paid to upgrade our room to a suite with a jacuzzi tub and it was soooo worth it. We got a poolside suite, which means we had a private patio that opened up into the pool area. We had a big room with the jacuzzi tub, a steam room/shower, a huge flat screen TV (which we never watched), and a big bathroom. We spent the night out on the town and then relaxed in our jacuzzi tub when we got back to our room. I also spent some time in the steam room. It was awesome!! We're hoping they'll keep us on their mailing list and send us more coupons. :) Little Isabelle stayed with her aunt Lora and didn't really seem to care that we weren't around. That's a good thing, I guess. :) I suppose that's it for now. Have a great day!!

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