Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random Pictures: I emptied out my camera a few weeks ago and put all the pictures on a CD. I just added some randomly, since I can't figure out how to see the thumbnail pictures. If anyone knows how to do that, let me know. :) Enjoy!!!

This is my sister Jana & baby Mekhi at my baby shower last November.

Me, Kae, Becky Dennis & her son at my baby shower.

Some cute little turtles. I can't remember where we saw them.....maybe in Nauvoo?

The Freedom Festival hot air balloons from this year. We took Isabelle. I was afraid she was going to sleep through the whole thing, but she woke up as soon as we got to the field, and she liked watching all of the balloons get filled with hot air and take off. It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad we can still continue our tradition of watching them every year, even with Isabelle. I know Matt doesn't really like getting up that early, but to his credit, he never complains because he knows I enjoy it.

Isabelle inspecting her new toy that Matt won for her at Lagoon.

Opening presents at my baby shower!! Presents are the best!!

Matt's cousin's wedding last June. That wedding was so much fun!! I think it was my first non-LDS wedding (the only one I can remember, anyway). They got married in a Catholic church which had beautiful stained glass windows. Her dress was AMAZING!! I'll have to post the pictures I took of it when I can figure out how to see the thumbnail pictures. As you can see, her flowers were beautiful, everything was beautiful. The reception was awesome!! It was at an Italian restaurant, they had a cocktail hour before with waiters carrying hors d'ouvres around, an open bar, and tables full of champagne....very fancy. We had tables with name cards done by a calligrapher, I'm pretty sure I saved mine somewhere. Anyway, lots of fun!!
While we were out there for the wedding we took a trip to Nauvoo for a couple of days. I loved it!! The temple was so beautiful. The construction company I work for did all of the plastering on the inside walls, and it was cool to finally see all of the work they did. We did a couple of sealing sessions and an endowment session while we were there.

Finally a new post!!!

Sorry, it's nothing too exciting. :0(

News of my little family:
Isabelle is now crawling!! I can't believe it!! Matt always said he couldn't wait until she was more independent & able to crawl around.....I'm not sure he still feels that way now that she is moving around and getting into everything. Ha ha!! Little Isabelle is not so little anymore. She's now 18 pounds and 29 inches long, and 6 months old. She's growing up so fast!! She's still the cutest baby ever, I think. :) We have been trying to get her to go to bed earlier, and finally got her to bed before midnight last night.....that made me VERY happy. I know Matt likes it when she sleeps in until 11:00, but staying up until 1:00 or 1:30 was just really draining for me.
Matt is still working at Verio, which is great. I know so many people who have lost their job or are scared that they are going to lose their job, so I am grateful that both of our jobs are safe for now. Matt officially gave up on his garden this week. Poor Matt just never had time to do it since he watches Isabelle all day, plus he was waiting for a tiller. He finally borrowed one from his friend Adam and as soon as he started to use it, the belt broke, then we had to order a new belt (it was $20 cheaper to order it on-line) and wait for it to be delivered. Anyway, I feel bad that Matt doesn't have his garden, we'll have to work harder earlier next year to get that done so that it doesn't go by the wayside again. We did plant some strawberries that we got from my mom and those are delicious. :) I am so grateful to have such a wonderful husband who takes such good care of us. He makes the yummiest food and does so much around the house. I probably need to tell him more often, but I really do appreciate all he does.
I signed up to be a Mary Kay consultant in the beginning of June. I had always thought about doing it over the years, but was always too scared. Well, when my director talked to me about the business opportunity, I was willing to take a chance this time. Having Isabelle really makes me think about our financial future a lot more. I saw Mary Kay as a way to pay off bills sooner, build a college education fund for Isabelle, and just to be more financially stable instead of always living paycheck to paycheck. Plus, I get all of my personal products at 50% off!! It is going really well so far. I got my first recruit last week, and I am really excited about that. I am going to be working really hard towards earning my first free car, and I am so excited!! It is kind of scary at times, but I have a great motivating family. It's a lot of fun too, I get to meet new women, and we get to play with makeup & body care, what's more fun than that?? :) Anyway, if you ever want to order something you can either call me, e-mail me or order off of my website I have specials every month, so if you want to be on my e-mail list just e-mail me at I'll just get my little plug in there. :) Other than work & Mary Kay, there's not much time left. My extra time is spent with Matt & Isabelle. I also play on one softball team (as opposed to 2 or 3), so that takes one night a week as well. Needless to say, I am always busy, but at least it's a good busy, things that I enjoy.
I think that's all the news for now. Have a great day!!!


Beach Jana said...

Way to update your blog. I always check it and just keep watching the crazy volleyball video. ha ha ha. Now i have something else to look at! And yes, Matt is awesome! Isabelle is a sweetheart. You have a beautiful family, Lan. Love you!

Pew Family said...

i am finally blogging!! you will have to tell me how to add music!! i need my MJ and NKOTB on my blog lol Love ya

Lanna said...

Just go to the very bottom of my page and on the player click on "create your own play list." It will tell you how to do it. :)