Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Here's a little update for everyone. Little Isabelle is 7 weeks old today, and she is growing so fast!! She has also started eating a lot more...which I guess she needs to do to grow. Anyway, we are trying the Wal-Mart brand formula starting today. Hopefully she likes it. It only costs $14 as opposed to $25 for Similac, and at the rate she's starting to go through formula it's definitely worth a try. She is awake more during the day now, and she likes to play. She is starting to smile a lot more now, and we're thinking she will laugh any day now. We need to take her to my parents' house more often so one of them can make her laugh. It's a Navajo tradition that whoever makes a baby laugh for the first time has to have a party & make dinner for everybody. It's a fun tradition. Anyway, she can pretty much hold her head up by herself now, and she likes to stand up & hop up and down. She also likes to play with her little toys that Grandma Hunter gave her. They're little bugs that are all sorts of different colors. She likes to touch their antennae and she likes the bee's wings because they make a crinkly noise. It's fun to watch her. I'm still waiting for all of her fuzzy hair to fall off...especially the hair on her ears (there's a lot of it and it's really long). Ha ha. I know it will fall off eventually, but it's still just really weird to have a baby with hairy ears. Anyway, I guess the good thing is that she has a lot of hair on her head. Our friend Larry's baby is 7 months old and she barely has a little fuzz on her head so I guess I shouldn't complain. Isabelle is doing really well at night. She sleeps 4 to 5 hours at a time, so it's not so bad. Matt's dad made a beautiful cradle for us and I'm trying to get her used to sleeping in it. She has been doing really well the last couple of nights, so hopefully she will continue to get better at sleeping by herself. It's just hard to stay consistent at it since I get so tired & I still have to go to work in the morning, so sometimes I think it's just easier to let her sleep next to me than to fight with her all night. :) I miss her so much when I'm at work, but I go home for lunch every day to give Matt a break & just so I can see her. She's so cute I could just stare at her all day. It's getting more & more fun every day because I can tell that she recognizes me & she is always interested in what I'm saying to her. I taught her to wave yesterday. She didn't really remember how to do it today, but that's ok, it was fun to watch her do it yesterday. One of the really funny things she does is she always turns her head when Matt goes to kiss her. It's hilarious!! Matt & I always laugh when she does it so now she thinks it's pretty funny too, so she always smiles when she does it.

We are going to bless Isabelle in my parents' ward on March 29th. You are all welcome to come. Their ward meets at 1:00. Just e-mail me if you need directions. Have a happy St. Patrick's Day!!!


Kecia said...

Assuming you mean your parents regular ward, not your parents student ward, we'll be there! And we need more pictures Lanna! We sure miss you guys.

Lauren said...

I can't believe I haven't seen much of Isabelle lately. What the heck is wrong with me!? I'm super excited to see her on Sunday.