Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Finally, a picture for all of you!!! I got a new Blackberry that has a camera, so I can at least add pictures that way for now. I just need to go buy a new cable for our camera, I don't think I'm ever going to find our old one. Anyway, here is the first pregnant picture I have of myself. I had my friend Rocio take it on Monday in my office. It's a little blurry, but that's ok.
Sorry there's no exciting baby news yet. :0( People ask me every day if I'm going to have the baby today. It's a bit annoying, but I know everyone's just excited for her to be born already. I also get the question, "When are you going to be induced?" all the time. The answer is....I'm hoping to avoid getting induced if at all possible. Obviously if there's a problem with me or the baby I won't object to it, but I'd much rather let nature take its course, even if that means I still have to wait a few weeks. I'm feeling great, so that's probably why I'm not anxious to get induced. I'm even sleeping really well at night now because my back doesn't hurt anymore, so I have no complaints. I know Matt is starting to go out of his mind waiting for baby to come out, but he'll have to be patient. Poor thing. =0) We have another doctor's appointment tomorrow so hopefully all goes well.
My parents came over last Saturday & helped out a lot around the house. We got the baby's room completely set up which is a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders. It's so cute!! I'll post some pictures tomorrow, assuming I don't have the baby tonight. Ha ha. Matt & my dad also installed our new medicine cabinet, which I am very excited about!! It's been sitting in our garage for a few months now and our old one was way outdated & gross, so it's so nice to have lots of storage space & an updated medicine cabinet. Now our pink tile really looks out of place. Ha ha. We're thinking of just painting it for now until we can take the time & money to replace it. They have special tile paint you can use, so I'm thinking that will be the cheap alternative for now. My dad also put up all of our curtain rods & we got all the curtains put up.....FINALLY!! Now our neighbors can't stare at us anymore. Ha ha. My mom was also nice enough to hem & fix a few of the curtains that weren't quite right, so that was great!!! I know Matt's really happy about the curtains in our bedroom since he hates any light in the room while he's trying to sleep, and we had all the lights from the church parking lot behind our house shining into our room all night. He seems to be sleeping a lot better now, which is good.
I guess that's all the news for now. Have a great day, everyone!!

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