Friday, August 01, 2008

Here's a short note for all of you. =0) I've been listening to the music on my blog page for half the day today, and I LOVE IT!! It has put me in such a good mood today. Obviously these are my favorite songs, since I've chosen them for my blog page, but they all remind me of good times. Dave Matthews Band reminds me of high school. It's funny how a Dave song can take me back to the wonderful days of high school when my friends & I would just cruise around town, looking for trouble because we had nothing else to do. We would spend days just laying in the sun, working on our tans, like we really needed to worry about it. Ha ha. The Dave songs also remind me of all the AWESOME concerts I've seen....another one is coming up on the 27th of August, and I am SOOOO excited!! I was worried that I might be really big by then, but the growth of my pregnant belly has slowed A LOT, and I am relieved!! I was getting reallly scared there for a while that I was going to be GINORMOUS by the time I have the baby. Anyway, back to the music.

The Format reminds me of all the awesome concerts of theirs I've been to, plus their music just makes me smile. The Format just has so much energy, the shows are so much fun! I always feel old when I go because I'm probably 10 years older than everyone, but I can't help myself, they're so much fun. I also have some Norah Jones mixed in, the one that really gets me is "Come Away With Me". Matt & I danced our "first" dance to that song at our wedding reception. We spent weeks & weeks learning a waltz, and it brings back some good memories of my wedding day. I love Matt so much!! The other songs that are mixed in are just good, fun songs. Some remind me of high school, some are more recent, but they all make me smile. I just heard "Tootsie Roll" not too long ago and it reminded me of when my friends & I would go to Club Omni every Wednesday for "ladies night". Ha ha. We thought we were so cool. It makes me laugh to think of those days. Anyway, just a little tidbit for you all today, I'll write more when I have more time. Have a good day, everyone!!

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Erica said...

Gotta love a mix that includes NKOTB and the 69Boys! I think it's hilarious!!