Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hello, everyone. Or no one, more likely, since I think only one person knows my blog address. Hi, Jess!! I guess I should tell more people. Ha ha. I think I've had this blog page for over a year and I've never posted anything to it. I'll have to be better about it, and maybe tell some people about it too. I'm not sure how to post anything fancy yet, so I'm sure this will be a pretty boring page for a while, but at least you'll know what's going on with me, because you all know how good I am at e-mailing people or answering the phone. Ha ha. Have a good day everyone, and hopefully I will post again soon.


Beach Jana said...

I read your blog! I think I'm the first one! YES!! Love the big polka dots. So nice to have a smart computer husband. So glad I can read your innermost thoughts now. ha ha. Love you!

Matthew said...

Hi Lanna. It's Matt.